Shoyu Ramen(醤油ラーメン)

Shoyu Ramen(醤油ラーメン) is one of popular taste in Japan. But compared to other major style ramen(Miso or Tonkotsu), the taste is more simple. So it is important to select each ingredients to complete its simple and delicate taste. We offer you how to make noodle to suit for shoyu taste and also offer you how to make its gentle soup by our secret recipe.

Please take care the cooking time for our cooking course is limited, so we complessed our recipe to complete all process within 2 hours. 

Various Toppings

it is important for choose correct toppings on Shoyu Ramen. We cook several suitable toppings for the shoyu ramen.


We introduce you to how to orgnanize toppings onto ramen bowl to be beatiful and tasty ramen more.

Homemade Noodle

It is important to select noodle type to suit for Shoyu ramen such as thickness, colour, softness(moisture ratio), etc. We offer you our secret recipe to make noodle by our self at the cooking course.

In addition to the above topics,  we are also focusing how to cook easily in your home, in order you to try to cook by yourself. So our secret recipe is orgnized to be completed all the process within two hours.

And all the materials we can buy in Germany, so we introduce you not only recipe but also how/where to buy the ingredients in Germany.


PREISE (inkl. MwSt) p.p. und Kurs 


-105 Euro (Teilnehmer: 2 -3  Personen) 

-100 Euro (Teilnehmer: 4~6 Personen) 


-110 Euro (Teilnehmer: 2 - 3 Personen) 

-105 Euro (Teilnehmer: 4~6 Personen)

TOPPING OPTION : KAMO(DUCK) 10 Euro p.P. plus on the above price