TEAM EVENT 15 -40 persons

On the same street with Blu Tokyo(Luegallee 3), at the Japanese restaurant sabi&gari(Luegallee 13) we can organize cooking course for the big groups up to 40 persons.

You can learn how to cook home style Japnese cuisine from Sushi Meister(Herr Sanbonmatsu) who is the owner of restaurant "Sabi&Gari". You can enjoy the course at the Sushi Bar&Restaurant.

This is not just an ordinary "cooking workshop".

We are focusing on more ambiente "cooking and dinner experience" with Japanese cuisine!


Time : 18:00 - 21:30 (Start from 19:00 also possible but we would like to finish by 22:00.) (Mon. - Fri.)

PRICE : 90 Euro (Teilnehmer: 15~40 Personen)

*Inklusive Material, Abendessen, Grüner Tee und Nachtisch, Welcome drink(Sparkling wine or alcohol free drink), one Japanese beer(KIRIN) small bottle(330ml) for each person. Water also including!

Place : Luegallee 13(Sabi&Gari)

*Depends on the stock situation, there will be some of the change of the variety of drinks.


  • AppetizerTamago Yaki(Japanese omelet)
  • SoupMiso soup
  • Sushi plateSushi Rolls(Normal, Inside out roll, Spicy salmon/tuna)
  • Main dish : Roast beef with Japanese style sauce(Gyoza also available instead of Roast beef)
  • for vegetarian option instead of roast beef : Vegetable Tempura

Bei einer großen Gruppenveranstaltung mit mehr als 15 Personen ist der Anteil des Kochens durch jeden Teilnehmer begrenzt, die Hauptarbeit wird das Sushi-Rollen sein. Die meisten anderen Gerichte werden vom Chefkoch des Restaurants zubereitet, damit wir die Zeit für das Abendessen einhalten können.

Additional Option

You can order option menu at the event with additional fee.




Depends on the stock situation, there will be some of the change of the variety of drinks.