want to know a bit more detail? ☛ INTENSIVE COURSE(1day, 3days, 5days)

For people who want to know more detail.

a course for Mania, semi pro,etc.

You can occupy the course. Only for you.

We can organize intensive course for more Sushi or Ramen mania.

For example, 5days(10:00 - 14:00) or 3 days(10:00 - 16:00) intensive course with one to one cooking.

A people who

  • want to learn not only one menu but also other menu at least more than three different menu.
  • want to learn more focus on sushi making
  • want to learn 5 different style ramen menu
  • want to add/refer/utilize our original menus on your restaurant menu
  • etc.

Program detail

Sushi intensive


Not only making maki(nomal sushi roll), but also other different sushi such as Nigiri, Sushi ball, Gunkan roll, etc.

We can organize one day intensive course for this program.

From Monday to Friday

9:00 - 14:00



180 Euro/ day / one person

150 Euro p.P. more than two participants


Ramen mania/pro

Special program for Ramen Lovers

Ramen GEEK / Ramen MANIA / Ramen 


We can offer you several diffent ramen menu to learn basic about ramen.

This is not same cooking method with professional ramen cooking, but we can offer you close to professional cooking but with our original simple cooking method.


From Monday to Friday

10:00 - 13:00

5 days intensive course

160 Euro / day / one person


Japanese top 5 homestyle menu


You can lean how to cook 5 popular Japanese homestyle cooking menu at 5 days cooking course.

Monday  : Karaage

Tuesday : Katsu-Curry

Wednesday : Japanese beef Humburg steak with Bento Style

Thursday : Ramen&Charshu

Friday : Gyoza & Charhan(Fried rice)

From Monday to Friday


5 days intensive course

150 Euro / day / one person