A "home made cuisine of Japan" from traditional to modern style.

Sushi is now becoming very popular food in the world and most of the people can imagine the taste and how it is like.

But there are many other de;icious home cooking menus in Japan actually. We would like to show the "home made cuisine in Japan".

Maybe you have heard a name with


"Japanese humburg steak"

"Soup Noodle(Ramen)"

"Fried noodle(Yaki-soba)"

"Kara-age(Fried chiken)"

but we guess most of you do not know how to taste/evaluate it correctly and also how to make it.

Actually most of Japanese homestyle cooking, it is very simple to cook which enable everyone cook very easily.


So we focus on it and offer you how to cook and taste it.

We hope our lesson will add you something new experience on your dining scene.


In order to get to know better for you about Japanese homestyle cooking, at the first lesson, one of menu will be included "homestyle Sushi", but we gradually offer you something different with Sushi.


Hope it will be very interesting/new experience for you.


Manu sample