Sample for Japanese Homestyle Cooking Course

先付 First plate 厚焼き玉子 Baked Egg Roll
汁物 Soup 野菜の味噌汁 Vegetable miso soup
飯物  Second plate 太巻き Futomaki(Sushi roll)
焼き物 Main plate 唐揚げ Kara-age(Crispy chiken)

 - incl.

食前酒(Sparkling wine)


デザート (petit desert with coffee)

* Additional option : SAKE

First plate         : Atsuyaki-Tamago(Japanese baked egg roll)


Soup                :  Vegetable miso soup (Vegitable soup by soybeans paste)

Second plate    :  Futomaki (Rolled Sushi)

Main plate        :  Kara-age with tartar sause (Japanese Crispy fried chiken)