Party Course Lesson for Christmas

During Christmas season(From 7th.Nov. to 23rd.Dec.), we offer you a program for party(6~15 persons) or a dinner course(2~5 persons) with some Christmas essence.


3.5 course dishes(Appetizer , Rolled Sushi, Soup, Main dish) which is based on Japanese home style cuisine.

A menu with Japanese home style cooking but also with some Christmas essence.

This course includes also a welcome drink (Sparkling wine) at the beginning and petit-sweets at the ending. The dishes will be cooked mainly by participants as much as possible with our help.

However, for a large person's lesson like a party cooking course it will be a bit smaller of each participant's task. Compared to normal cooking lesson, we focus on more eating (dinner time) than cooking, so you may have a feeling that our Christmas party lesson is close to a normal dinner at a restaurant.


1. Intro.          : Explanation of recipes with sparkling wine. (~20 min.)

2. Cooking    : Learn 3.5 course dishes, Appetizer / Rolled Sushi / Soup / Main dish) ( ~1.5hrs)

3. Dinner       : The above course dishes with wine(Max.1/2 bottle of wine per person.) and coffee with

petit sweets.  (1.5 ~ 2hrs)



75 Euro(incl.VAT) / person, 85 Euro in case of small attendance less than 3 persons.

Including cost for food material, recipe, welcome drink, dinner, glass of wine, coffee and petit desert.

Capacity : ~15 persons

Time : 17:00 ~ 20:30 (Starting time can be adjusted flexibly.)